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Home page of the web site which is related to the music career of Snamed and the music released by Snamed Records.


Releases by Snamed 2019
Releases by Snamed 2019


Snamed Records Home Page

It takes a life to build a life

It took years to be here and yet this is not the final goal you see here int the Snamed Records home page. With this in mind and the slogan “Music Made Simple” everything leads to create and produce better and batter music to promote and share in a simple and clear way.

As you may know, a Do It Yourself artist has whole lot of things to do in order to release a songs and it takes time to craft the abilities to sound professional (meaning good enough to cash in :). Yes this was a joke because you could sound professional and yet not be able to make some money from your passion.

The best thing is to enjoy the making of the tracks and when the project is ready to be release, focus on the money making part. Here inside the website you could discover some helpful tricks to avoid waisting time and frustration.

In the home page there is a quick over view, then it gets deeper on dedicated pages.

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What’s in the blog?

  • Update and preview of the on going projects before release
  • Released music linked to detailed pages
  • Post about Snamed Records productions
  • Productions tips and trick from the field

“You can submit to the newsletter so you will be updated with new music produced by Snamed Records and about new articles posted. This web site represent what’s going on out there for an independent DIY artist.”

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Find out more about the productions life its self and the about the song and projects released.

youtube gallery

Go listen to the tracks in the Youtube Gallery without being redirected to some where alse.

Music gallery

Deep Music projects Gallery with detailed dedicated pages for each released showing everything.


Wants to know more about Snamed? In the about page there is an over view of the artist and the person.

Y el mundo me pide que ya no, que ya mas no lo haga y enves yo le digo lo contrario:  o a la buena o a la mala!

Como Ando by Snamed