A la Orilla del Mar

A la Orilla del Mar is a song released on major online streaming platform, for more detail about the release click here.

In this blog post I talk about why I choose this stile of story.

Also I tell you few tricks and though about production.

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Why the love declarations topic?

In the page of the song I anticipated what I’m about to talk. Why I choose a love declarations story.

We need to start from the construction of the song first. So I wanted to create a tropical Reggaeton song. At the beginning I was aiming for something strong to dance a lot with a party mood. So I started making the beat, then while composing I found my self singing something I kept.

The part I sang was the “a la orilla del mar” phrase, so I instantly wanted the story to happen next to the beach (that’s tropical). Then I let my self wonder with the chords and the song mood shifted to a chill soft romantic vibe.

At this point I preferred that kind of vibe but wanted the keep some groove. So I did a draft of the song to write and see where it was going on.

I rewrote the lyrics 3 times before I found the right topic, and it was when I went for a run to clear my mind. I thought, what could be more amazing than being at the beach with the girl you like? Going to declare your love to her and she correspond!

Don’t you think so?

From there I set the song in momentums:
– going to meet her
– declare to her
– the consequences
– deeper talking about feeling

You can can listen from the song that the consequences are that she corresponded the feelings (first chorus), so in the second verse the declaration goes deeper into feelings analysis.

Producing and mixing


I produces part of this track with my Maschine Studio Native Instruments and with Shape on UAD Luna. Like for Divertido I did the same procedural approach. The only things that probably differs, is that for this track I programmed the drums first with a melody that I changed. I kept the drums because they were clean but yet groovy. 

For most of the production of this track I followed just my intention and had no melody (centred guitars). I just kept that space for the voice like building around an empty space.

Then into LUNA, before recording, I added the guitars. Only when I had a clear view of what I needed for this track. Preventing the mistake of putting in instruments with the wrong impact and in the wrong spot.

The I wrote the lyrics and recorded.



Being a rapper and a blogger should make things like a love declaration easier. Still in those kind of situation I’m do like most people, follow the vibe.

Yes, because you don’t really know what is the right thing to do. So you learn form experience, but you need to consider also that different persons demand a different approach. This is not to push you forward to do love declarations to everybody.

For me I prefer not to say anything before I’m sure what I want and what is going on. Because still you are going to step into someone else life and you better be sure of your emotional status before dropping such a bomb.


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This is me below in a post on IG next to the beach.

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