100s self-produced and released songs say it all

I created and released 100s of songs from zero to streaming services and keep doing it!

Whatever your genre you need a professional approach to bring your song at it's full potential

Pro Tools, Luna, LogicX, Reason and more

Native Instrument savvy

UAD interface and plugins

Global access

Songs available world wide

No matter where you live, the music will touch you. I released songs on major and minor streaming services, thank today's possibilities, which are accessible from every corner of the world. 

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DIY music

Since 2003 crafting HipHop and Reggaeton as a Do It Yourself producer. Who know what the future reserves?

Make your soul beat on your songs!


One man show

That's right, I do this, this, and that. If it has to do with music, it's my thing.

A path made of vibes



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