Music made simple


How to know Snamed

About Snamed’s is where all is summed up so you get to know  a bit the artist and the person behind the mic. Then you can ask question, if you’d like, via the form below.  You can also submit to the newsletter in order to be updated. The most important updates are made thru the Blog and social media, so be sure to follow not to miss anything. In the website there is a dedicated Music Gallery where all the songs with lot of details, but if you prefer a faster way, below is the Spotify link where all the releases are too.



Produced with leading market music software and sample library.


Releases published via online distribution services and ready to listen options.


All recorded in professional studio with high quality gear.


Promotion made with social media integrations and promotion services.

Music Made Simple

The only way to make music in simple ways is to learn the craft itself. The original meaning I wanted it to be is “there are ways and habits to improve your skills, with time it would look like it’s simple”.


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