Che Cosa Diventerò

Che Cosa Diventerò is a song released on major online streaming platform, for more detail about the release click here.

In this blog post I talk about why I made the song this way.

Also I tell you few tricks and though about production.

Thanks for reading this and remember to share with your fellow producer/artist.

The song is in Italian.

Why to be afraid of hurting some one you love?

On the page of the song I anticipated what I’m about to talk and how the story of the song goes.

First of all, when I say “to be afraid of hurting some one you love” I mean to be afraid of messing up in a relationship. I think everybody at some point had this feeling telling them not to mess up. The song is about the possibility of making it good or wrong when it comes to this exactly moment.

As I said on the page of the song, the story is about what would you do. At some point of the story there is a moment of awareness showing that for some reason all that it takes to ruing everything is 1 step.

The story goes from the moment you see the girl you like until late in the relationship, in where you are less afraid to mess it up but you are still aware of it.

Che Cosa Diventerò lyrics analysis

After writing the song, I can analyse it in the following steps:

  • the first meeting
  • the willing to pursue a relationship
  • the uncertainty about what could happen
  • (Chorus)
  • the resistance toward aiming for a relationship
  • the feeling of lost
  • the will to go on with the life
  • but can’t let go so easily
  • getting back together 
  • explaining what could happen
  • trow back 
  • explaining how you got there
  • resolving the fear
  • (Chorus)
  • getting closer
  • (Chorus)

I left the chorus apart form this step by step description because to me it’s like all the emotions flowing, going back and forth. Reassuming the focal topic of the song and making it clear that everything could happen.

It should be noted that I wrote the song to give the listener a first person point of view, addressing the situation as “me” making the listener acting as a the first person.

At least this were my intentions. Probably different people will have a different responses to the song.

Producing and composing

Production & composing

I produced it on Pro Tools using Native Studio VST and recorded the vocal on it. The drum kit is a loop purchased rightfully from Splice and was the first thing on the project. Right at the beginning I had in mind what direction the song was going and the chorus rhythmic. Also the Topic was clear to me on an average point of view.

Step by step, while I was composing, the words of the lyrics came at me, then I started writing the chorus and the verses, at this point I had the structure of the song ready.

Back to composing

After writing the main draft of the lyrics I went back to producing what was missing, like the bass and the lead marimba sound that were the latest 2 sounds I did.

I first composed the main chords on top of the drums. I used F#minor, changed on bar 53 to D#minor and back to F#minor on bar 69 as you can see on the chord chart below. 

Music Chords Che Cosa Diventerò


Doing Che Cosa Diventerò was a challenge for many reasons. One of the reasons was to find the words to speak about a sensitive topic such as this in a way that is not self destructive. The song it self is sad and full with emotion changing ad evolving throughout it. Still I sense a vibe of hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, there is an end of the tunnel.

In some way, I wanted to remember my self that everyone has defects that can become monsters in a relationship. The only way to deal with something like this is like with everything, speak out and be honest. From this moment on you are in charge of what you could become. 


Thanks for reading this post and remember to share with your family, friends and enemies.


This below is the preview of the song on IG.

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