Con Cariño

Con Cariño is a Reggaeton song released on major online streaming platform, for more detail about the release click here.

In this blog post I talk about how did I get to this song.

Also I tell you few tricks and though about listening when mixing.

Thanks for reading this and remember to share with your fellow producer/artist.

The song is in Spanish.

Give and receive love

On the page of the song I anticipated what I’m about to talk and what I do think.

Clearly this song is a step forward compared to the my previous romantics songs. I feel it’s a deeper point of view with a musical enforcement on the mood.

The title means “with love”. I wrote the lyrics about make sacrifices for the better, facing life with love and creating new memories.

What does Con Cariño means to me? Life is hard, every body has issues, but is better if you have some one who cares next to you, someone you love (and loves you back) with whom build a family.

How did I get to Con Cariño?

At first I wanted to write an intimate song for couples, a romantic Reggaeton. I got stuck with the lyrics, so I worked on the beat with in mind that feeling I wanted to achieve. 

At some point I made a break and listened to some of my previous song to find out in what direction I was going. I realized that I needed a new point of view, something leading me toward an emotion.

The emotion I need was the will to heal that led me dig deeper on the mood and feelings I wanted to create. So then I built the chord progression with a smooth and sincere touch. Once I made it, I selected the drums kit and created the sequence.

Then, composing the song was so smooth I had the chorus I mind, by the time I composed the first draft.

Listening when mixing and environment

Listening environment

If you are a producer you probably know that the listening environment is important as much as the gear you use.

The position of your monitoring system and your point of listening are fundamental to get a reliable feedback. Mostly because the reflections of the sound can interfere with the way you perceive it.

For that reason you can treat your room in order to enhance the sound quality. I suggest room treatments for recording rooms too depending or your needs.

If you don’t have this chance, because it’s expensive and complicated or if you can’t play loud music, you can work on your headphones.

Mixing and Mastering in Headphones 

I had been working with headphones for a few months when I first notices it did translate wrong in other music systems.

The fact that I was using Pro Tool helped me to conclude that I was making bad music choices because of my listening.

So I evaluated my first option that was back to listening from my monitors Yamaha HS5. It’s wasn’t possible because I live in an apartment and I cant’t play “loud” music after a certain hour. 

The second option was to fix my headphones listening. After a search I found out about plugins that replicates the listening monitoring system of famous studios.

I chose for me the Nx Ocean Way Nashville. It took me few session to get comfortable. To understand what I was listening and what did it meant in processing decision. I composed and wrote different songs with this plugin on.

When I was ready I mixed and mastered all the song I had recorded. Going back and forward until the decision translated in a high quality material.

I made trial and error and by the time I got to the last song I made less errors. 



Doing Con Cariño was harder because still recent I apply music theory structure, it was few month I used Pro Tools and had listening environment issues. It took long time, but the end result is spectacular. 


Thanks for reading this post and remember to share with your family, friends and enemies.


This below is the post of the song on IG.

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