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Snamed in studio
Snamed in studio

Contact is the first thing

Contact is the first in life, the feeling, the connections to someone else. It’s also the first thing to do to know somebody, you approach and says “Hi”. The website is my “Hi” to the word and possibly I would get in touch with new listeners, artists and maybe new friends.

You can say “Hi” back with the form below or following me in the social media also below. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned.

The second thing

So if the first thing is the contact, the connections with someone else, what would be the second one? I don’t want to bother with physiological needs, I think the second important thing is the communication in all its ways. Communication makes possible to build a reliable relationships. In this case you can rely to be entertained with new music and content from my heat to yours, is it you find a post on social media or you listen a song or your radio of choice.

Technology nowadays makes possible for a DIY artist, like me without any programming skills, to build an awesome web site to get in touch with new people around the word. 

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y me imagino tu caricias sobre mi piel, eso va a ser realidad como tiene que ser …

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