Dejas Solo

Dejas Solo is one of the most Romantic Reggaeton track I made in the 2018. You already know enough about me to know it’s a hit song.

Clear lyrics, nothing too much over the lines, instead the interpretation is the thing that in this case brings out the soul of the song.



It matches perfectly with the instrumental. It’s true it’s a multiple steps process, thanks to the mixing I did, you can hear clearly the intended mood recorded. The emphasis on the chorus calm and strong opposed to the verse where there is urge and need.

All lifted and surrounded by a great Reggaeton beat with dembow drums kit and rhythm.


Listen the Single and find out other details about the song

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Technical stuff

Remarkable my use of new mixing techniques when I routed the channel out from the DAW in to the Qu32 mixer. The trick I learnt is the NY parallel compression.

I used it to reinforce the voice, the snare, the kick and the bass. Those are almost always my mains sound into a mix, therefore are the things I want fixed with little dynamic, usually.


With a parallel comprensión I’m able to give an other taste to the voice with little modification in the channel strip.

I can make it more “in the face” but with less audible compression on the main voice channel, consequently I have to pan or change the dB of some other channel because now I have a strong audio signal there.

It’s also useful to define kick and bass, so they will play more in their chosen frequencies and would be less overlap.


Where to listen

Dejas Solo is available on my SoundCloudand youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchase on the online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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