Divertido Single

Divertido Single is a song released on major online streaming platform, for more detail about the release click here.

In this blog post I talk about the perception of what is considered funny and what’s weird.

Also I cover in the overall steps of productions and mixing.

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Is that funny?

As I said on the release page of the track, the intention for this song is to enjoy and dance for a moment with some teasing lyrics. The title Divertido means “having fun”. I chose this title because of the lyrics in which I tell about having fun in situations in a relationship. Not just laughable moment but also teasing in a sensual manner.

I chose to focus on those kind of pleasant situation and not get into something weird because I wanted it to be a happy smooth song.

But when is it that we cross the line from being funny into weird? Simple, when the other person is not comfortable with our behaviour or saying, we are crossing the line. It’s gets weird when it’s oddly out of the common sense. Read this article for the definition.

This means to me that depending on the situation and the people you are with, it is considered “normal” to have a different behaviour. Clearly, this  is one of the reasons of miss understanding. But how to act? What to say so the people around you wont take you for a fool?

Well, this is up to you and how much you are comfortable with your saying and its inner consequences. Also up to what kind of impression you desire to make on somebody, because if it is not a weird behaviour to your peers it maybe still with someone else.

As a general rule I wont say (or do) anything that I wouldn’t tell to (or do with) my family, friends and colleagues.

In the case of Divertido Single, I kept this rule by not saying anything that I wouldn’t have told in a relationship. 


Producing and mixing


This track I produces in part with my Maschine Studio Native Instruments and with Shape on UAD Luna. I did in 2 step production. First I produces the lead instruments, drums, bass and back ground instruments on Maschine studio structuring the song form.

Then I exported the single tracks audio at 96khz 32 bit, which I imported into Luna. There I added few instruments like the guitar and the coral chorus in a few position.

The Mix

I recorded the vocal directly on the Luna  project, therefore I mixed in Luna. Clearly I premixed when I imported the tracks and while recording, so I had to do an overall level setting and few dynamics and effects intervention. 

The Issue

The kick was difficult to fix because when I turned in down on the mix, it would disappear on the mastering session. When I set it to a decent position it would cover everything being too loud.

I had to go back different times to find a good level compromise for kick and bass related to the other sounds.

I had to EQ more the kick and bass, make them central on the stereo field and compress enough to make the kick pop and the bass stay still.



In the track I decided to use a voice that is more sensual and serious than laugh and partying. This because I think something are just for 2 to enjoy. In the song I talk to a girl and therefore it’s a fun only for 2 that I want to show to the listener.

And perhaps the listener will identify in one of the 2.


Thanks for reading this post and remember to share with your family, friends and enemies.


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