Brujeria Single

Brujeria Single, the title means witchcraft, you can already see where this is heading. The song is something mysterious and mystical itself.

It tells about the enchant made by a girl in a relationship. I speak as the enchanted one for sure.

In the lyrics I made lot of references to magic, witchcraft, Santeria and Brujería which is the Dominican version of esoteric activities.

Even though I am fascinated by this world I found it special that the lyrics just came out and sat perfectly like a magic spell.


For the instrumental I choose to compose it like if it where a tribal chant in the night in front of the fire. With tribal percussion, or at least that recalls a tribal dance, with mystical synths and ethereal pads to create the perfect ambient. I can see it in front of me, It’s magic.

If one day I would do a video clip I already know how I’d like it to be.

About the production, if you read the previous post, you know I found an extremely important tool when working on Donde se van los Besos.


Listen the Single and find out other details about the song

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Technical stuff

The tool is a Teletronix LA 2 Legacy for UAD plug-ins. In the previous release I used it only in mastering, but this time I used it on the vocal, the bass and on the drums (kick and snare).

Evidently it’s a go to tool because it give professional definition to the sound.


The plugin is an emulator of the rack mount version and it give to the sound the character, the color of the gear. It a digital emulation.

In addition I used it also on the mastering chain because of the great improvement it add to the song.

It’s clear that I used it cautiously. Here is where the knowledge comes in handy, where the idea becomes a record and where something ethereal turns into listening magic.



Where to listen

Brujeria Single is available on my SoundCloudand youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchase on the online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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