Falda al Reves

Falda al Reves is an other Reggaeton track, but this time it’s not a romantic one.

It’s about having fun while pursuing your goal. Like enjoy the view of the travel. Indeed the lyric tells about a travel where there is fun in the stops you must take.

Obviously the song is highly danceable, which is the fun part with the choruses and the pre-choruses. The verses tells about the need to switch off sometimes in order to find new energy.



I think in this track I wrote some interesting real thing because for me is hard to off my focus from the final goal. To me is frustrating sometime because I forget to enjoy the moment, the litle things that happens and need to find the reason again to keep moving on.

In the song I says the travel is with a girl, with this I mean “bring the persons you care about with you in this travel, because there is less sense of achieving your goals without anybody besides you”.


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Sure this is a motivation view of the travel called life. In my case I have few people I keep in touch because this is how life went for me. I can move faster in music with less distraction, on the contrary this so called distraction is an important part of living.


Thing is I enjoy with fewer people now than in the past. People says that this is part of growing up and becoming an adult, for me is just that I haven’t been around for so much time because of focusing on making music that I lost lot of friendships.

The sacrifices I make to do music goes from friendships, to relationships, to family time, vacations and lot of other experiences I did not had and don’t think I will. Also the money I spent in music production, on promotion and still spending. And the time.

I think most of the sacrifices are related to the time I decided to spend doing music and pursuing the knowledge. I mean it’s not wasted time when you love it, still you have less time for other part of life.

That’s why this song i a good reminder to enjoy the moment while going fast as I can.


Where to listen

Falda al Reves is available on my SoundCloudand youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchasing on online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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