Studio Software and Equipment


Here at Snamed's Records, the quality is fundamental to generating vibes and grooves. Below here is a list of audio software and equipment used to perform the services available.


  • Pro Tools
  • LUNA
  • Logic X
  • Expose
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Compressor
  • WaveLab Elements 8
  • Affinity Photo
  • 32 Live

Composing, Beat Making

  • Komplete 9 Ultimate
  • Komplete 11 SELECT for existing MASCHINE
  • Reason 8
  • Guitar pro 7
  • Splice samples


  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin SoloUniversal
  • Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt Octo Core
  • Audio-Technica Microphone AT404/SV
  • Headphone AKG K 702
  • Mac Pro
  • Maschine Studio
  • M-Audio Keyring 49
  • B-ear soundproofed room


  • Melodyne (prices and natural tonal correction)
  • Antares Auto-Tune EFX 3
  • Antares Auto-Tune 7 Vocal Studio Native 64
  • Era Leveler 5
  • iZotope RX 8 Noise Reduction

Universal Audio Plug-ins

  • 1176LN Plug-In
  • 1176SE Plug-In
  • Ampeg SVTVR Classic Plug-In
  • Ampex ATR-102 Plug-In
  • Avalon VT-737sp Plug-In
  • EMT 250 Plug-In
  • Fairchild Plug-In (Legacy)
  • Helios Type 69 EQ Plug-In (Legacy)
  • LA2A Plug-In
  • Manley Variable Mu Plug-In
  • Marshall Plexi Classic Plug-In
  • Oxford SuprEsser DS Plug-In
  • Precision Enhancer Hz Plug-In
  • Precision Equalizer Plug-In
  • Precision K-Stereo Plug-In
  • Precision Limiter Plug-In
  • Precision Maximizer Plug-In
  • Precision Mix Rack Collection Plug-In
  • Precision Multiband Plug-In
  • Pultec-Pro Plug-In
  • Pultec Plug-In
  • Raw Plug-In
  • RealVerb-Pro Plug-In
  • Softube Amp Room Half-Stack Plug-In
  • Softube Bass Amp Room 8x10 Plug-In
  • SSL E Channel Strip Plug-In (Legacy)
  • SSL G Bus Compressor Plug-In (Legacy)
  • Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In
  • UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ Plug-In

Wave Plug-ins

  • Nx Ocean Way Nashville
  • WLM Plus Loudness Meter


The indications of third-party software, website, or company, do not mean active involvement in Snamed's Records or the contrary. They are referred for the use of their licensed software and audio system accessible to the public and used on the service Snamed's Records provide. Please review the full disclaimer on the Terms and Conditions.



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