Who I am

Thank you for reading and looking for information on my website.

Right now, at the time I'm posting this, the website is under construction. But if you could see the changes I just made, you'd wonder why. So you may need an introduction on who I am and why you should keep reading and visiting.


I will not write this topic from a philosophical point of view, although I would like to.
So, from a musical point of view, I am a self-taught music producer, rapper, and solo artist doing Hip Hop and Reggaeton in Spanish and Italian.

Website scope

At the beginning of the website reconstruction, in January 2022, the intention was to open the business as a remote audio service for different types of projects.

Right now I'm still creating content and setting things up. But hopefully soon you will be able to buy services.

In the meantime, the scope of the website will remain the same as before: music viewing of my songs and released songs, but with a new design and a better website.


At the moment all services are suspended. You can log in and read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and other things related to the services that I will make available to you. But you won't be able to buy anything.


I will continue to make some productions of musical pieces to enjoy and will keep you posted on any new releases.
As soon as the services are available, they will be indicated on the home page.



Thanks for visiting, if you'd like to listen to my songs click Listen Now. You can go to my catalog any time from the top bar button.