Ludit EDM

Ludit is my first entirely electronic EP. As you can read from the EP’s page, for others interesting things about it, it is not the first songs I do aiming to EDM generally.

Previous released projects were mixed with HipHop and rap, still on a electro or techno instrumental.

For me is part of finding my sound. Like experiments to find out what I do like more. Even though I love my songs I realised they where not a genre specific.



So I decided to try to produce an entire EP only EDM.

In here I was inspired by techno, tech house and chill out. I choose to set each song into a different mood and hit hard on those kicks.

The title Ludit means “play” in Latin. And as a game I named all the song in what I did thought of when I was creating. For me is like: if you are curious, just go translate the titles from the net and let’s see if what I sensed when creating is similar to what you feels when listening first without an immediate title feelings lead.


Listen the EP and find out other details about the song

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As I said before I love my tracks but still there are some I prefer from others. In this EP the song I suggest always is Onustum because it pumps so that I always want to turn the volume up.

Technically I must say I used syncopation clearly on the drums kit, and also I used subtle automation to set an always evolving track.



Remarkable is the lead synth changing between verses and choruses. I emphasised those passage with a pause on kick and/or other sound, always being careful not to break the rhythm.

To me mixing this EP was a something of a new experience because I usually do songs with voices, so the fact that there wasn’t it made me reconsider my workflow a bit.


Where to listen

Ludit EDM is available on my SoundCloudand youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchasing on online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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