Malvada Single

Malvada  Single si my latest release on the 2019. It’s a funny romantic Reggaeton touching a particular unknown situation. From my point of view clearly.

It’s about trust and blame. The lyrics explain the situation in which at the beginning of a relationship, when nobody knows where it is going, there is trust to build up.

In the lyrics I speak from the view of a man who meets a thought woman and tells about what and why she is so hard on him. Surely because of bad experiences, nonetheless he try hard to gain her trust because of a genuine interest and feelings.



This time instead of just being romantic, I deceived to be funny and playful. I mean, it’s a sensitive topic, but told by a positive emotion.

A quick resume bout technical stuff of the track is that the technique I used are a resemble from my studies as experiences.


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I’m particular proud of the composition because in this track I used 2 sample from So the challenge was to compose around them. The first loop are the drums and second are the guitars.



From this song on I will post about the ongoing projects and thoughts and tricks about making music.

I just want you to remember that I’m a Do It Yourself artist and therefore there are going to be more tricks and tips than technical stuff.

Game on!


Where to listen

Malvada Single is available on my SoundCloudand youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchasing on online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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I know it’s a hard time for everyone, I just hope you stay safe. Soon this will end and we all gonna be back to our lives. My prayers goes to those hurt by the virus and their families. Thanks for all the medical employees working hard for all of us.