Mi Camino

Mi Camino means my path, it’s a Reggaeton EP of 4 tracks. The topic of the lyrics goes from romantic to conscious and something about me.

When I wrote it, I first wrote the 90% of the lyrics. I usually compose first and try to find the topic, choruses or lead for the lyrics before end of the instrumental. So it was different to me, not new because I used to write that way long time ago and I tell you that in some instances it’s worth.



For example this time it really helped me to stay on the topic and don’t get lead by the exotic rhythm I usually compose. Because sometime it happens to me, I chose what I want to rap about when I compose or before. But then when I’m writing I get involved by the instrumental and change everything to fit on it.


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I usually prefer to create beat and lyric together because I feel better the emotion between them. For this EP it happened all the way around. I started writing, them at some point the instrumental appeared in my mind, so I stopped writing and stated composing.



Clearly it happened one time like it just did, so for the other I thought that this was a cool approach for the remaining tracks.

I the past I did compose from an idea, inspiration I managed to record and I still do sometimes.

There are different approaches to start a song, I follow the one that in the moment match with the inspiration. 


Where to listen

Mi Camino is not available on my SoundCloudbecause of the limit of space it has, I prefer to spare some for something alse I was started at the time. You can find this EP on my youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchasing on online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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