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A la Orilla del Mar


A la Orilla del Mar


A la Orilla del Mar is also a song by Javier Solis who was a popular Mexican singer and actor in the middle 20th century.

Which has nothing to do with mine, but for the general inspiration. 

Both songs’ lyrics are romantic and has some to do with the beach.

Here is the Javier Solis on youtube.

My song is a soft romantic Reggaeton with tropical sounds.

The lyrics are about overcoming the fear of a love declaration, which then opens to new wonderful situations.

In particular I set the story to happen at a spot near the beach (this is the meaning of the title).

Go listen the full track on youtube on this link below.


Release details

Single released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed with a free royalties image from

It’s a romantic and fun Reggaeton track made during the lock down 2020 and released while the #reggaetontropical songs are being released each Friday.

Release date 7th August 2020

EAN code 193339381480

  • A la Orilla del Mar ISRC QZAMM1915230

The beat

For A la Orilla del Mar I used Machine Studio to produce everything.

For the guitars I used Kontakt features for clean sound.

I decided to have a soft drum set to leave space for the piano and the tropical sounds I used.

I changed the original beat form to fit the song form in the final you listen now.


The lyrics

The structure of the lyrics are classic poetic/rap metrics and rhymes.

I tell story in momentums. The first is when I’m going to meet the girl (intro), the second is when I meet her and declare my love (verse 1). The chorus 1 is the third momentum is when the consequences of the declaration happens. The forth is the verse 2 in where I go deep on the declaration and last momentum is the last chorus.

The recording

I recorded using my condenser microphone Audio Technica 4047-SV, a pre amplifier (with de-esser, Eq and compressor) then UAD unison plugin Avalon VT-737.

This time I did vocal mixed between singing and rapping which is fun.

The lead vocal is on a more speech range, the background vocal are higher than the lead.





The full song now?

You can buy A la Orilla del Mar on the link below or go listen on streaming with the small player above.

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Particularity in mix and master

For A la Orilla del Mar I was looking for a soft sound, still energetic because of the intention.

I managed to achieve it by mixing soft verses and choruses pushed forward with overall light reverbs.

The chords played on piano and guitar demanded a lot for this kind of solutions.

In the first version I left the kick a bit on the back, but it resulted in a less groovy song.

I had to fix the background vocal because they sounded unpolished if I treated them with the same process as the lead.

So when I was happy with the mix, I got to the mastering stage.

The difficulty was I could lose the chill ambience I achieved by squashing it.

Once understood this, the master was effective and enhancing the song.

About myself?

I still releasing songs about summer with #reggaetontropical in which mostly are romantic tracks.

As for the topic of the song I choose to give it a positive out come and do a happy chill song instead of the classic sad song about relationship.

In my personal experiences sometimes you must to say something because time won’t hold back. And other times is better to keep your mouth shut and go on with your life.

Thanks for reading and listening. Remember to follow  wherever you find me and share with your relatives, friends and enemies…. ahahahahahahahahahahahah