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Brujeria Single

Brujeria Single Reggaeton song by Snamed to dance and feel good about the feelings between a couple.

The song is released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art made by Snamed with a free royalties image and edited for the single from

Reggaeton style inspired by esoteric word, performed with synths and drums machines applying deep ambient and hypnotic sounds.


Release date 22th January 2019

EAN code 4061707117848

  • Brujeria ISRC DEAR41815294

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More about the song

The title Brujeria means witchery in English and as you could guess  I’m fascinated by magic and stuff.

It felt natural to write and produce this track because it sounded so intimate, like being part of an enchantment. Synth leads open the third eye over the universe and drums like tribal dance leads the heart beating. All comes together with a story of love because love is magic, enchantment and contact.

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Lyrics of the song are in Spanish, the structure is rap poetry in song arrangement.  

What made magic the lyrics are the referring situations, the calling witchery worlds that builds the  story around an enchantment and the topic. Sure thing is that the story is about a love story and that makes the song more “hot”.

If I would do a video clip of this one, it would be like a tribal dance around the fire under the night light of the stars. 

Magic happens in many ways, music is mine

llamando animas perdidas yo subo mas en alto…

Brujeria by Snamed