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Che Cosa Diventerò


Che Cosa Diventerò


Che Cosa Diventerò is my Italian PopEdm song with witch I participate to the 2021 Demo Tape Clinic by the Swiss Music Awards.

The song is about the fear of being hurt by someone you love or hurting them. It’s an emotional approach about the intention and hopes before and during relationship.

Clearly it’s amplified to provoke a response on the listeners.

Indeed the lyrics tell the story about the internal fight  to overcome the darkness, after some wrong happened that leaded to a superficial stile of living. 

Finally it changes for the better even there still some uncertainty. 

Because the song wanted to reflect some aspects of real life, I wanted to underline that “you never know”.


Che Cosa Diventerò

Single released via distributions services, available from December 11th 2020 on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed, photo by a friend.

It’s a Pop Edm, Rap Pop song in Italian participating at the 2021 Demo Tape Clinic concours for the Swiss Music Awards.

Release date 11th December 2020

EAN code 193339604008

  • Che Cosa Diventerò ISRC QZAMM2004297

Che Cosa Diventerò - Cover - Snamed

The beat

For Che Cosa Diventerò I decided to go for a more commercial instrumental.

The BPM is 120 and the drums kit works on a 4 to the floor sequence. 

On top of  it, I composed on F#minor, switching on bar 53 to D#minor and back on bar 69. I wanted to change mood for the rap part in order to stand out and be different from the rest.

This gave a fresh impact when the song goes back to F#minor. 

I had the rhythmic of the chorus in mind while composing.


The lyrics

I structured the lyrics as a Pop structure with a chorus between the main parts.

It’s  part A, first chorus, part A, part B second chorus, bridge, last chorus.

You can listen that the part B is the Rap where I changed flow. But for the A parts I kept the flow but changed words. 

My goal was to settle a sense of “I know it” by the time the second part A plays while telling more of the story, building the mood for the B part.

The recording

I recorded using my condenser microphone Audio Technica 4047-SV, the UAD unison plugin Avalon VT-737  into ProTools.

The challenge was to recognise and record the emotion I wanted to share in an evolutional way.

Once I recorded a draft, I could decide purposely on what direction was the song going. 

I tried to do a different interpretation on the chorus in order to push the emotions up until the last chorus.



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Where to listen?

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More about lyrics 

Writing a songs’ lyric to me is a chance to look inside my self and imagine all the different path that life could go. 

When I write I don’t consider only my personal experience, I tell a story from a point of view to lead the listener through an emotional experience. 

Each song begins with an emotion that is  amplified and developed to generate a reaction on the listener. It could be what I feel or something completely different. 

For Che Cosa Diventerò it started from the thought of “what could happen if I approach a girl just for a one night stand”. Sure thing on this thought the condition is that she likes me.

Therefore this would tear her heart, consequently knowing this, “would I do this? Or will I try to do it right?”. 

From this first thinking, then I went to “what if after playing with the emotions of people you find someone you care and don’t want to do it wrong?”

This is how starts the internal fighting on the song.

About myself?

I’m so busy that I usually don’t get into this.

To me is important to be honest with your self and with the other first of all. If you can, objectively, see a future with a person give it a try. If you do it for fun be honest to you and the other person, so they will have the chance to back off from something they don’t want. 

Thanks for reading and listening. Remember to follow  wherever you find me and share with your relatives, friends and enemies…. ahahahahahahahahahahahah

Che Cosa Diventerò - Snamed