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Con Cariño


Con Cariño


Con Cariño is my new Reggaeton song, the first this year.

The song is about affections, giving and receiving love. The story is about the positive feelings on a relationship and developing memories.

The style is a smooth Reggaeton, with a strong latin vibe. 

In particular, my approach was to build the lyrics around the instrumental which had the emotional print.



Con Cariño

Single released via distributions services, available from May 21st 2021 on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art by and edited by Snamed.

It’s a Reggaeton song in Spanish with strong rythm and lovely vibes.

Release date 21st May 2021

EAN code 8720356606795

  • Con Cariño ISRC CHF102100002

The beat

For Con Cariño I first composed the chord progression with the romantic vibe on the G minor Key.

Then I selected the drums kit sounds and set the BPM at 83.

Once that, the rest was so natural to compose that I immediately had the melody for the lyrics in mind.

This time I composed on my Maschine Studio, the interesting part was to import the sound I selected via the sampler.



The lyrics

I structured the lyrics with intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, break, chorus, end.

I laid down the chorus with 2 main voices that alternates.

The first chorus is smooth, leading the listener to the second verse.

From there I made a crescendo playing with more voices creating choirs around the main vocals.

The recording

I recorded using my condenser microphone Audio Technica 4047-SV, the UAD unison plugin Avalon VT-737  into ProTools.

Recording is always a challenge. I took my time to record properly.

Using Pro Tools helps to organise  the vocal to record over and over. 

At the end, I love those vocal that with the mixing process becomes the main focus on the song.






Con Cariño?

If you are a media service you can listen it on below.



On this other link below you can have a listen of all the released song on Apple Music

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About mixing environment

It’s been few months since I’ve been using Pro Tool for my music. I feel I’ve more control on the sound and therefore I can make better critic decision.

The only problem is that I can’t mix at full volume always because of the neighbourhood. You know high volume is not always welcome.

To mix properly is important the environment in which you set up your studio. I have a pair of Yamaha HS5.

Recently I started to only mix and master on headphones. 

Listening is fundamental, but only dry headphones is hard, also for long session.

I tried out an environment plugin emulator to smooth my listening. I bought Nx Ocean Way Nashville by Waves. 

First, I had to get comfortable, it took me few session, but after a while I started noticing detail and things that I didn’t before.

I like it better to mix with this plugin, I do have better results.


About myself?

To me is important to be able to communicate the feeling without the fear of being misunderstood or being judge. Writing song gives me this kind of freedom, I believe that being honest and being able to share affection are basic to have healthy live and build strong human relations. If you are real with yourself and the others, you have nothing to fear.

Thanks for reading and listening. Remember to follow  wherever you find me and share with your relatives, friends and enemies…. ahahahahahahahahahahahah