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Corazon de papel


Corazon de Papel

Corazon de Papel is a Single produced by Snamed with heart breaking lyrics 

Single released via distributions services and available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art of Corazon de Papel edited by Snamed, photo chosen by royalties free stock web site pixabay.

Reggaeton composed with synths and drums machines.

Release date 30th March 2018

EAN code 5054960622661

  • Corazón de Papel ISRC GBLFP1826928

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If it’s right for you then it is

There is toxic love and toxic couples, on the other hand most of those descriptions comes from out side the relationship.

When 2 toxic people for other meets each other, they can make it work.

The song tells about the pain and frustrations when they are not tougher but at the same time about the strength they must find to meet again.

When they finally meets all becomes a chaotic love, each one doing it right to overcome previous wrong they suffered.

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Also getting over the misjudgment of others and being able to trust again.

No relationship is easy or perfect especially when isn’t a serious thing. 

The lyrics try to see the good in those imperfections of both because those are part of making it special.

Rhythm with a strong pulse and a dramatic composition are there to lift the particular lyrics.

you are not responsible if some previous person made her wrong, instead you should be the one that fix it.

…con toda la carta blanca que te dieron escribo un libro, lo titulo La Vida y lo firmo que fue con tigo!

Corazon de Papel by Snamed