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Dejas Solo


Dejas Solo Single

Dejas Solo Single Reggaeton song coming from the heart.

The song is released via distribution services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed with the use of a free royalties image single from

Romantic Reggaeton track performed with synths and drums machines with hard rhythm drums and catchy sounds and melody.


Release date 23rd March 2019

EAN code 4061707145353

  • Dejas Solo ISRC DEAR41973883

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More about the song

Romantic Reggaeton track. Most of my songs are this kind of style, but each one has it’s own soul.

This time it’s all about the why, indeed the title means “just let me” and in the chorus I say “just let me love you, if you want to be my girl.

The lyrics are more like me talking to the girl explaining why she should let me love her.

It’s like flirting with the listeners.

The song inspiration came at me while feeling lonely. Still single, and wanted to share the love I have in me.

So that’s why I wrote a serenata, also trying to find in my self the will to try again.

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It’s always nice to have complicity with the right person. There is the chance to start something.

The instrumental is a hard passionate one, with lot of impact in the drums, classic dembow rhythm up tempo.

The melody and instruments are composed and made with synth and processed with UAD plugins.

I mixed the song afterwards with my QU32 Allen&Heat.

I recorded the vocals with my Audio-Technica mic AT404/SV cardioid condenser microphone.


If something is meant to be, let it be

… siento que estoy contento, que sea para siempre o solo por un momento…

Dejas Solo by Snamed