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Divertido Single


Divertido Single


Divertido Single is my last released project. It means “having fun” in Spanish.

It’s a reggaeton track but not the classic romantic one. The lyrics I wrote are teasing the listeners with small things that should make you smile a bit.

The subject is “having fun in a relationship”, therefore I rap also about those little things that are fun to do with you partner. Or at least that are fun for me 😂 . 

I think that in a relationship is important to have a balance between serious matter and fun to build a good connections and also to get to know each other.

In this track I focused more on some moments using irony to underling the fun and exciting parts of particular situations.

Go listen the full track on youtube on this link below.


Release details

Single released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed with a free royalties image from

It’s a fun Reggaeton track made during the lock down 2020 and released while the #reggaetontropical songs are being released each Friday.

Release date 19th June 2020

EAN code 193339321325

  • Divertido ISRC QZAMM1870478

The beat

For Divertido Single’s instrumental I used Maschine 2 with Native Instruments Komplete 11.

With Maschine I programmed the drums and the key chords and melody.

Then in Luna I added the guitar, the pads and choral parts.

As for the key I used F minor as root note, and I gave few evolution to the chords of the song.

I wanted to keep it with low energy, but not sad,

The lyrics

The structure of the lyrics is simple: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, break, chorus, end.

Instead the poetic structure is much more complex. 

To resume I used rhymes  structure for each 4 bar (A, A, A, A or A,B,B,A or A, B, A, B) with inside rhymes, keeping a metric continuous flow and underling inside rhymes, pause and voices interpretation to give some groove. Doing flow changes from 4/4 to 3/4 and back.



The recording

I recorded using my condenser microphone Audio Technica 4047-SV, a pre amplifier (with de-esser, Eq and compressor) then UAD unison plugin Avalon VT-737.

This plugin is so powerful that I could rap wring away the songs with the right mood I wanted to show.

The vocal are so dry and crunchy I love them, still I want to try to record without the pre amplifier to listen the Avalon VT-737 alone in action.






The full song now?

You can buy Divertido Single on the link below or go listen on streaming with the small player above.

purchase itunes



Particularity in mix and master

For Divertido Single I chose to use Luna by Universal Audio because of the great results I had with Reggaeton Tropical re-mastering.

Plus the possibility to record using the Avalon VT-737 while recording, gave me extra motivation to work the tracks inside Luna.

The unison feature they did actually is that you print the recording. Instead of using it as plugin processing the audio after the recording (using working memory of your PC) the unison ones

print the audio inside the program. And the way it works enhancing the recording of my mic is something I should have had log ago.

I did the master inside Luna too, after I printed the whole mix out. This time knowing the feature of the program and most of the plugin it was technically faster, but creatively slower.

I wanted it to sound like a banger so I took my time the perfect sound for this single.

Soon I will post technical stuff only.


About myself?

I consider myself a happy person, I look for the positive side of things and people. Still I am aware of being serious and respectful in the community because not everything is a joke. 

With Divertido Single I wanted to create a contrast between the way a rap and what I rap. I suggested this contrast on the cover already by using a picture with a serious face but with the title Divertido.

The vibes I wanted to share are those about a calm fun moment to enjoy with someone you love. I want to add that many times there is no need to exaggerate, be your self.

Thanks for reading and listening. Remember to follow  wherever you find me and share with your relatives, friends and enemies…. ahahahahahahahahahahahah