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Donde se van los Besos


Donde se van los besos

Donde se van los besos is a Reggaeton EP produced by Snamed.

EP released via distributions services and available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed, pic taken on the royalties free stock pixabay.

Romantic Reggaeton composed with synths and drums machines.

Release date 11th December  2018

EAN code 4061707096709

  • Donde Se Van los Besos ISRC DEAR41866463
  • Como Ellos Se Gustaban ISRC DEAR41857165
  • Si Tu Bailas ISRC DEAR41833237

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Love is in the air

Some times you feel like everything is good and things are in perfect timing and even might look for your soul mate.

That is when love is in the air, when you smile for no reason at all and rainbow are coming out your ears.

This EP tells about just that.

Indeed the title means “where does the kisses go”. The lyrics are about relationship established or yet to become, from both sides view. 



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Here’s when I decided to focus more on Reggaeton. For this projects I dug into the Latin American music world and felt in love again with it.

So as you would find out, I started releasing more reggaeton tracks than HipHop.

This research brought me closer to EDM too, and without a doubt led me to dig in audio synthesis topics.

Yet you can hear a different result from previous releases due to this new knowledge about audio craft. 


Feel loved is as special as loving someone 

…contigo soy loco como si tuviera soltero

y te quiero como en el dia primero…

 by Snamed