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Falda al reves


Falda al Revés

Falda al Revés Single is a Reggaeton song by Snamed to dance and be irreverent. 

The song is released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art made by Snamed with a free royalties image and edited for the single from

Reggaeton style inspired by esoteric word, performed with synths and drums machines applying deep ambient and hypnotic sounds.


Release date 26th April 2019

EAN code 4061707145346

  • Falda al Reves ISRC DEAR41939579

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More about the song

Well here is a dirty one. This track is to dance, as well as to be your sound track when you want to be nasty.

The lyrics are about a travel, but in the way from point A to point B there are some stops at gas stations and shit, where the thing goes down.

Dancing and enjoying the moment, strong and irreverent.  True at it’s pure state with the person you care. 

You see, the only thing that is stopping you from achieving your dream is you.

So this song is all about pack your bags with the person you prefer and go.



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But remember it’s a long run, a marathon, undoubtedly  sometimes you need to stop and enjoy it.

Because when the moment is gone, indeed the only thing that remains is memories.

I made the instrumental with the classic dembow rhythm with few modifications and using modern sound on the drums kit. 

The other sounds I used in the track I got inspirations from EDM. All together it becomes a strong beat perfect for the lyrics.

In this track I aimed to get a good mood even though the important message, trying not to lose danceability.

In the chorus the main sound is a soft synth with analog sound.  



Just go and don’t turn back

…cada parada se transforma en una locura…

Falda al Revés by Snamed