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Malvada Single

Malvada Single is a Reggaeton track with amazing lyrics and instrumental. 

Single released via distributions services and available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed, photo chosen by royalties free stock web site pixabay.

Reggaeton composed with synths and drums machines.

Release date 13th Decembre 2019

EAN code 4061707263668

  • Malvada ISRC DEAR41933729

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More about the single

Have you ever found a person so hard to deal with that instantly you know that this one is just defending herself from someone that is not you?

I’d like to think that these kind of people are the one that have more kindness to give.

I talk about his on the song.

About a girl that had been hurt so many times that now she won’t trust nobody but she starts dating me.

I tell her behaviours and I explain why she is so tough to conquer.

I did a fun Reggaeton song instead of something serious.

Above there is a short video of me singing a part of the song.



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I composed the single with drum Maschine, synth and Loops.

Now this single goes up with the quality as Otro Intento does.

Clearly my latest work have in common that they are higher in  audio quality but not only.

Also composition and writing takes part to the good assembli of the song.

I started this track from 2 loops, the one melodically giving the fullness of the stereo field and the kick drums. 

The drums are a classic dembow rhythm.

the strongest persons are the ones that had been hurt the most

…porque no quieres que te queme, porque sabes cuanto duele cuando tienen lo que quieren y se van diri dan dan dan…

Malvada by Snamed