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Mi Camino


Mi Camino

Mi Camino is a Reggaeton EP made by Snamed.

EP released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed with a free royalties image from

It’s a Reggaeton EP with conscious lyrics.


Release date 27th September 2019

EAN code 193339163185

  • De Verdad ISRC QZAMM1762863
  • Muero en los recuerdos ISRC QZAMM1762864
  • Pendiente a mi ISRC QZAMM1762865
  • Mi Camino ISRC QZAMM1762866

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More about the EP

The EP is all about finding my path, my place in the world.

Different tracks with the same topic.

When I wrote and composed it I was in a particularly hard time in my life where I was seeking an exit.

Wrote it to see clearly what was happening to me, and why I was eager to change.

Surely I can say now that I needed to find my place in earth and for that I had to move on.

I left habits, people and places behind me not because I did want that any more but I wanted something else.



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The new sound of this EP is due to my new concept into mixing.

Still via the QU32 but this time using more plugins from UAD on the DAW.

Before sending the audio signal from the DAW to the channel on the out board desk I processed the audio with different plugins.

I used the Fairchild UAD compressor emulator and the LA-2 compression by Teletronix.

I made the songs with Native instrumental sounds programmed with Maschine Studio hardware. 

Mixed with Allen & Heat desk mixer, mastered with UAD plugins.


Find your path

…me miran como si un crimen es cometido, camino por la calle y por orgullo yo no pido, porque nadie estuvo realmente en lo que es sufrido, sigo con la frente alta como un soldado caído …

Mi Camino by Snamed