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Ni Malo Ni Bueno


Ni Malo Ni Bueno

Ni Malo Ni Bueno is an  EP made to build a momentum in the listener life. Reggaeton, latin HipHop, rap and trap.

The EP is released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art made by Snamed with a free royaltie image for the background from

Reggaeton, HipHop, Rap and Trap latin music with an extra track in Italian.


Release date 8th May 2020

EAN code 4061707351075

  • Por Eso ISRC DEAR42052537
  • Que No Te Coman ISRC DEAR42038928
  • No Hay Reglas ISRC DEAR42055609
  • En Serio ISRC DEAR42023753
  • Para Adelante ISRC DEAR42086873
  • Con Mi Mochila ISRC DEAR42034739
  • Tutto a Posto ISRC DEAR42029166
  • Bailo el Momento ISRC DEAR42091476
  • Te Convenzo ISRC DEAR42037435

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More about the EP

It’s my first EP in the 2020, as you can listen above I made big improvements in many aspects of the release.

Fist of all I made big modifications on my writing process with the result of more interesting lyrics. I decided to dedicate more time to it in order the create a whole vision for each track and not just a particular point of view.

Some songs were more difficult than others but at the end many tracks aren’t even close to the first draft. In the last year in particular I released a lot of projects and now, after some time,  I can see that in a few of them I overlooked important details. 




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This EP is important also for the flow I applied. I used the writing session for trial and error, to find the best way to bring the recordings to life. This exploration made me discover new possibilities that I used on different song like soft rapping, almost singing.

I’m not really a singer but I find out few vocal trick and tips that can help to be in tune. Non the less It was hard, I had to do multiple takes when it came for the “singing” parts. Also I’m studying the topic because even though I love rapping, I’d like to sing well some day. 

As for mixing and mastering, I used my Qu32A&H for mixing and LUNA (yap!!!) for the mastering. 

It takes time to be creative



Few more details

When Luna from UAD was finally available I already had the master, but I was so curious that I had to try and listen how it was like. I have to admit that the difference, to me, was pretty impressive. Long story short, the usage of the UAD internal audio drive without going through Logic, gives more room and definition to the sound (read more about Luna) in my opinion. This way I could really listen what was happening and take decisions.

All this while being quarantined cause of the Covid-19. I understand that I could dedicate more time to the process like writing and recording because I had time for music. After I was done preparing the EP for release I compose few other tracks yet to be recorded.

I’ll have te chance to express my solidarity towards all people damaged by the virus and express my gratitude to all the essential workers keeping us all safe.