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No Olvides


No Olvides

No Olvides is a Latin HipHop Rap produced by Snamed.

EP released via distributions services and available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed and the original pic chosen from royalties free stock pixabay.

Latin HipHop created with synths and drums machines.

Release date 24th November 2018

EAN code 4061707096693

  • No Lo Olvides ISRC DEAR41845347
  • Vuela Libre ISRC DEAR41884048

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About the tracks

I won’t avoid the topic, the track No Lo Olvides is something special to me. 

The lyrics are about my childhood and teenage. The fight, the struggle, the strength and all the emotions involve.

It’s note easy to be the immigrate in a new school, in a new country and feel like an intruder in the stepfather’s house.

The songs tells right about all that, and how all that influenced me.





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I think you never go past something until you are able to speak freely about it. 

So after years of feeling bad also for things I could’n control,  I got to see things for what they were. 

That’s why I could write about this.

The second track compared to the first, has forced lyrics because No Lo Oliveds has continuing evolving flow and different rhythm pattern. Also switching topic wasn’t easy because I felt I had more to tell.

But I knew I had to move on also in music, therefore I wrote Vuela Libre, which means “Fly freely”.


Only strength can survive to the worst 

…y veia tu mente que se reia,

por eso de la ventana casi me caia…

No lo olvides by Snamed