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Ojo en mi


Ojo en Mi

Ojo en Mi is Latin HiPHOP, Rap, Reggaeton EP produced by Snamed.

EP released via distributions services and available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

The cover of Ojo en mi was edited by Snamed and the photo was taken by Snamed Records team.

Latin HipHop, Rap and Reggaeton performed with synths and drums machines.

Release date 24th August 2018

EAN code 4061707067648

  • Bailalo Hay  ISRC DEAR41818033
  • Energia  ISRC DEAR41853274
  • Tu Puedes  ISRC DEAR41874912
  • Trabajo Sencillo  ISRC DEAR41854467
  • Un Millon de Miradas  ISRC DEAR41897751
  • Universo Fallado  ISRC DEAR41843741
  • En el Juego de el Amor  ISRC DEAR41855337

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World hurts more than you imagine

How come this EP? You maybe know that this period of my music career was “make and release”. So probably this EP jump on in sight because is longer than released ones in the same year.

I had lot to say to every body, obviously those kind of lyrics are magnets to disagreement. Especially if you never felt like being in the eyes of everybody watching your moves.

The mind set is something extremely powerful, nonetheless the feelings play an important role in life.

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“Ojo en me” means eyes on me. With this in mind the project caught definitions subsequently of the question: what would I say if everybody is watching?

Well, the answers is: I would tell every feeling that this brings to me. Furthermore this kind of expression gave me the chance to talk about sensitive  topics without being ruthless toward someone else. 

Still disagreement comes with how all this makes people feel.


Attitude is the pleasure of the gossip

Yo soñaba de estar en otro era,

¿y si mi vida fuera de otra manera?

Que caiga chocolate cuando llueve afuera,

sintiendo las olas del mar cuando te levanta.

Universo Fallado by Snamed