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Optica EP

Optica EP is a latin HipHop project produced by Snamed.

EP released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed with a free royalties image from

It’s Latin HipHop EP with strong beat and expert lyrics.


Release date 18th October 2019

EAN code 193339163208

  • Adivina ISRC QZAMM1762869
  • En Silencio ISRC QZAMM1762870
  • Tan Pronto ISRC QZAMM1762871
  • Me Voy ISRC QZAMM1762872

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More about the EP

Optica is a latin HipHop EP with strong lyrics.

I talk about the will of building something yours.

The topic of the EP is “the point of view”.

I think the experiences we live changes the feeling they left us with a different point of view.

In the tracks I almost never talk about this, but when I listen the tracks that’s what jump into my head.

I talk about sensitive topics like “finding the strength”, “feel mistaken” and “being put a side”.

Indeed I wrote conscious lyrics for this EP because is what I wanted to listen. 

Not finding a solution but just know that the problems are there even if you avoid them.


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Not to face them and not to worry about them.

The experiences I talk about could have been any different?

This EP has improved sound because of the knowledge of audio engendering I have been working on.

Finally the results of the process starts to bring me more satisfaction.

In particularly I used a different mastering chain. With less signal processing and more gain and stereo field.

I made the songs with Native instrumental sounds programmed with Maschine Studio hardware. 

Mixed with Allen & Heat desk mixer, mastered with UAD plugins.


If you can’t see it clearly, change point of view

…el riesgo de gastar es quedarse pobre o ponerse rico …

Tan Pronto by Snamed