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Otro Intento


Otro Intento

Otro Inento is a Reggaeton EP produced by Snamed.

EP released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed with a free royalties image from

It’s a Reggaeton EP with perfect lyrics and heavy beats.


Release date 8th November 2019

EAN code 4061707241130

  • 85 Bpm ISRC DEAR41966196
  • Como Ando ISRC DEAR41972333
  • Dile al Mundo Entero ISRC DEAR41966512
  • Como Son las Cosas ISRC DEAR41981749
  • Intento ISRC DEAR41926383

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And finally Wow.

Otro Intento is a Reggaeton for which I had a complete new approach to writing.

In this project the flow is sticking out like building the lyrics while going.

The EP is about not give up, indeed the title mean “new try”.

I wrote strong Reggaeton lyrics matched with the beats. Two songs are Romantic, the other 2 Reggaeton are about me.

The Hiphop song “Intento”, part of the EP’s title is about the energy need to go on.

Like finding the strength to wake up from a nighter, and keep pushing until success. 

Believe and hard work are basic behaviours to achieve your goals.


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Right, because this not only about me but it’s mostly about you.

I tell you how I feel and what I’m looking for, but at the end this is my way to give you motivation on your goals.

Rapping to me is the way to comunicate, not only confront with my life. And then maybe to support you in your times of need.

I made the songs with Native instrumental sounds programmed with Maschine Studio hardware. 

Mixed with Allen & Heat desk mixer, mastered with UAD plugins.


Try until you succeed 

…y el mundo me pide que ya no, que ya mas no lo haga, y enves yo le digo lo contrario: o a la buena o a la mala …

Como Ando by Snamed