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Out Line


Out Line

Out Line is an Italian Rap experimental EP produced by Snamed with different styles.

EP released via distributions services and available on online music stores for purchase and streaming. Remastered 2 times.

Cover art of Out Line was edited by Snamed and the photo was taken by a Friend.

Rap, Latin Rap, House HipHop and Experimental in Italian and Spanish performed with synths and drums machines.

Release date 6th September 2017

EAN code 4251177519154

  • Sii come l’acqua ISRC DEAR41720749
  • Vedova nera ISRC DEAR41782213
  • Pugno a 10 ISRC DEAR41718949
  • Mondo sgualcito ISRC DEAR41776083
  • Hipnotizado ISRC DEAR41767340

Remastered release date 28th February 2018

EAN code 4251177588938

  • Sii come l’acqua ISRC DEAR41720749
  • Pugno a 10 ISRC DEAR41718949
  • Vedova nera ISRC DEAR41782213
  • Pugno A 10 (Spanish) ISRC DEAR41812688

Remastered 2 release date 14th June 2018

EAN code 4061707040719

  • Hipnotizado ISRC DEAR41767340

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Remastered and remastered 

Let’s talk about an EP remastered 2 times and not even the whole. Yes, I skip few steps in the making.

On that time I did major changes in the studio and therefore I wanted to mix something.

I choose the ones I though needed improvement. So I took Hypnotizado in the second remastered session.

It turned out that all the remastered songs benefited from it but Vedova Nera. I still prefer the first version.

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An Experimental track comes at the first place: Sii come l’acqua. It means “be like the water”.

It’s an emotional speech of why is better be like the water on a cinematic track made for this purpose.

The idea pupped up from the moral benefit in metaphorical meanings of being clear, like the water.

The translation of a song is something, to me, unusual but I did on “Pugno a 10” because it was so on point. 

Keep trying, until you perfect your skills.

Then do it harder 

…il presente alla mia maniera quando ti svegli, si spera vivo…

Vedova Nera by Snamed