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Passato Passato


Passato Passato

Passato Passato is an Italian HiPHOP, rap album produced by Snamed with different styles in it.

Album released via distributions services and available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art of Passato Passato was edited by Snamed and the photo taken by a Fiend.

HipHop, Rap, House HipHop and Reggaeton in Italian end Spanish performed with synths and drums machines.

Release date 16th September 2016

EAN code 4250605390785

  • Chi ero ISRC  DEAR41629738
  • Budapest ISRC  DEAR41629739
  • Sola Con Su Baile ISRC  DEAR41629740
  • Al centro ISRC  DEAR41629741
  • Amargo ISRC  DEAR41629742
  • Metti a fuoco ISRC  DEAR41629743
  • Bomm ISRC  DEAR41629744
  • Eso ISRC  DEAR41629745
  • Ti spengo ISRC  DEAR41629746 

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The video clip and the lyrics videos 

Metti a Fuoco is the song chosen as the Album single and therefore as the video clip track. The lyrics raps metaphorically about facing past and future at the same time so you has to focus, in fact in the track there are different references about focusing but in Italian “Metti a fuoco” means “set the fire”, no only “to focus”.

The video clip was recorded by  Snamed Records team and edited by Snamed.

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Bomm is an HipHop House track about clubbing and party because it tells the stages of a night out party with friends and what happens there.

Al Centro is an House HipHop track about a relationship and the back and forth in a couple.

On Youtube there is the instrumental audio clip of both  HipHop House tracks, just the EDM part if you prefer.

The past is going to chase you if you don’t make pace with it or with yourself

Avolte basta chiuder gli occhi, non c’è bisogno di esser cechi per non vedere quello che succede a pochi metri…

Metti a Fuoco by Snamed