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Reggaeton Tropical


Reggaeton Tropical


Reggaeton Tropical is my project to be  your soundtrack for the summer 2020  😉. This way you can get to know me better and I can feel a connection with you when you tells me about your holidays✈️. It’s not just all about me.

Therefore I selected the most romantic (clean versions) and energetic danceable song I made for you to listen and brig in your pocket during your travels⛴.

Actually for all your adventures whether it’s travelling abroad visiting new countries, going for quick vacation on the beach, or mountain, or just hanging out having the best time.

I’d like you to tell me about your #summer2020 (what do you want to do, what you do or did, how it is right now, or how it was, etc…). Most important at the end of the summer I’d like to know what memories comes at you when you listen a Reggaeton Tropical’s track.

For the reasons mentioned before I programmed my youtube to publish a track each week from June the 5th until September the 25th on Friday with the hashtags #reggaetontropical , #newmusicfriday and #newmusicfridaylatin . Also on in IGTV and there for on all my socials account.

This way, if you subscribe or follow my social platforms, you are going to be reminded to enjoy while listening good music.

Music is an important part in living because it can turn a good time into a remarkable moment that will affect your future. This is why most of the songs I choose are with positive vibes.

Some are a bit emotional but with a positive outcome, like most of the challenge in life.

This is to push you make new experiences and to help you go through what ever you are going through. Or just to be the background compilation of yours.


Release details

Compilation released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed with a free royalties image from

It’s a Reggaeton compilation with 17 romantic and energetic tropical songs. A slice of the music gender coming from Caribbean regions in centre America re-mastered for this #summer2020. This is a second release of original separated project, coming together only with selected song fitting the vibes of Reggaeton Tropical. 


Release date 5th June 2020

EAN code 4061707370366

  • Vamos a Fuego ISRC DEAR42081848

  • Dejas Solo ISRC DEAR42077140

  • Bailalo Hay ISRC DEAR42029966

  • Malvada ISRC DEAR42036320

  • Brujeria ISRC DEAR42072923

  • 85 Bpm ISRC DEAR42057331

  • Sonriendo ISRC DEAR42030416

  • Por Eso ISRC DEAR42063267

  • Como Son las Cosas ISRC DEAR42052258

  • Corazón de Papel ISRC DEAR42043661

  • Donde Se Van los Besos ISRC DEAR42036431

  • En el Juego de el Amor ISRC DEAR42088014

  • Te Convenzo ISRC DEAR42075110

  • Como Ellos Se Gustaban ISRC DEAR42076602

  • Bailo el Momento ISRC DEAR42043582

  • Como Ando ISRC DEAR42094385

  • Paso Lento Sonriendo ISRC DEAR42084850

What are Tropical Vibes?

To me the Tropical Vibes are those things that makes you feel in summer, like if you were in holiday some where nice.

If you dress for the season but you just going to the grocery store you sure feel those vibes.

Also the home decorations like, a paint of a boat, or a little statue of a palm.

The food too, like a mango, or see food.

The plan is to feel the summer holiday even staying home on vacation, or even working.

Do you feel it? The water crushing on the beach…


You may know now that one things I like to do is to re-master tracks whenever I got a new tool or I learn a new skill.

This time is about Luna from UAD. When they released the recording system, I got my hands on it and decided to have a try.

I liked it so much to decide to remaster 14 tracks (3 where in the mastering process for the project Ni Malo Ni Bueno. Which then I added.

This why I was able the extract what I originally intended but had not the skills or the equipment.

Go have a listen on previous tracks here.




Sure I want my music to spread out there, but now I think that it’s also important the how people relate to my songs. How do you connect with? What emotions? When is it you first listened me? Do you feel what I feel?

So I thought let’s see if we can get closer this summer, I give you the music and you put your experiences on.

Sure it can works if you don’t post nothing about your #summer2020 but I’d like to know my listeners. We can be friends.

Let me be your soundtrack, I only ask you to enjoy life. 





The full songs now?

You can buy the full compilation on the link below or go listen on streaming with the small player above.

purchase iTunes



The Original Projects

The original song are from a variety of releases going back to 2018.

I choose the ones fitting the type of tropical holiday sound. Danceable, emotional, energetic or chill.

Here is a list of the projects from where the songs comes from linked to the relative page:

What about my vacations?

Well, I enjoy traveling whenever I can. It’s been a couple of though years, maybe more. So it’s quite a time I don’t go some where farther away form the grocery store. 

But I’ve been some where. I could’t find photo from when I was a child (need to ask my mum) but I found a back-up of digital photos of years ago. When music was just a hobby for me. Not material of study or a business.

I’ll post those pics on my social and talk a little about that moment in my life. I try to remember the correct locations so to give something complete.

And then would be your turn, comment on my pics or my Rreggaeton Tropical tracks with your experiences or just DM me for a chat. 

Thanks for reading and listening. Remember to follow wherever you find me and share to your relatives, friends and enemies…. ahahahahahahahahahahahah