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Sonriendo EP

Sonriendo EP is a Reggaeton, rap music project produced by Snamed.

EP released via distributions services and available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art of Sonriendo was edited by Snamed and the photo was taken by a Friend.

Reggaeton produced with synths and drums machines.

Release date 28th February 2018

EAN code 5054960561472

  • Paso Lento ISRC GBLFP1812039
  • Sonriendo ISRC GBLFP1812041
  • Dando Vuelta ISRC GBLFP1812036
  • Dando Vuelta ISRC GBLFP1812036 (clean)

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Sonriendo means Smiling

Yet in the cover I’m hiding my smile. Why so?

Well, at the moment of deciding the photo for the cover art I had to choose between this and other 20 creepy smiles, ahahah.

I though it says “this is not for everybody” and using it for the songs felt appropriate.

I mean yes I’ve been smiling but because of my hand, it gets a whole new interpretation.



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There is a “clean” track, well this is something I was aware of but I wasn’t used to.

Previous tracks were out there in the wild with only a Parental Advisory marker, and then I got the chance to place the tracks in radios.

Sure thing they would’n accepted the EP with a song with couple of dirty word on it. So I decided to hide them with some effects instead of censuring.

Since then I write lyrics more carefully and it’s fun to find synonymous to talk dirty but clean.

The smile can be seen from miles away

…pero de la sonrisa a la malicia hay un momento, dicen que soy malo porque ando sonriendo, pero no la verdad de la maldades que andan diciendo

Sonriendo by Snamed