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Vamos a fuego


Vamos a Fuego

Vamos a Fuego is a Romantic Reggaeton Single by Snamed. 

Single released via distributions services, it’s available on online music stores for purchase and streaming.

Cover art edited by Snamed with a free royalties image from

Romantic Reggaeton songs, with extremely pleasant lyrics and soft sound and music.


Release date 14th June 2019

EAN code 193339148441

  • Vamos a Fuego ISRC QZAMM1758590

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More about the songs

I made the song with an important change in the chorus.

Instead of a full written lyrics for it, I let the trumpets play while I just said few words.

The romantics lyrics are about the moment in a relationship where it becomes more intimate.

When things just gets real and the couple must apply they dedication and strength for it.

I wrote as speaking to the girl about the feelings and how they makes me act.

I’m not new to this kind of topics, still this songs gives new energy because of the approach.

It should be noted that not only    I did a different structure for the chorus but also for the verses.



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Instead of a full rapping first verse, I made a more flowing singing one. 

In the second verse I entered with a fast flow, slowing down after the 8th bar.

I kept an interpretation always smooth and flirting.

I think it gave the song right impact to it.

The beat are made with Native instrumental sounds programmed with Maschine Studio hardware. 

Mixed with Allen & Heat desk mixer, mastered with UAD plugins.

The cover is a simple edit of an image collected from a royalty free library (see link above).



Loosing your self into someone else

…porque quiero que me hagas mas contento…

Vamos a Fuego by Snamed