New Music. Culture. Passion.

New Music produced by Snamed, yes me. Finally a way to share to the word the music I do.

In the web site you can find the music gallery of my songs and all releases I made. Right now the covers have detail of the release and by clicking on it you will be redirected to spotify, youtube or an in web page about the release. Within some time, the goal is to have a dedicated page of each publication. 

If want to listen the song and skip all the chatting just click on the links below.




The music gender


Rap and HipHop are the first music style I made. First from poetry then producing. I have always been fascinated by the HipHop culture. 

The first lyrics I wrote were in Italian, then I switched to latin rap writing in Spanish.

Compose an HipHop/Rap song to me is like getting in contact with my thoughts whether is composing or writing the lyrics.


Reggaeton is like always been in me, but only discovering HipHop first I was able to bring it out.

It is my emotional part speaking out laud for what I feel or what I desire.

Making Reggaeton made me improve my Spanish level, and also discover latin cultore in Europe.


I felt in love with electronic dance music years after I was able to produce Hiphop and Reggaeton. I had the software and the basic knowledge to compose.

Nowadays EDM is one of my favorite style to compose and leading me to mix it with Reggaeton e HipHop. 

An EDM track to me feels energy.