Next step

Next step on my music journey

What now you may be thinking, well I’m at this same question: what would my next step be?.

Stick with my for a moment, in the 2017 I did extreme studio changing and augmented my studies on music and sound. In 2018 those changes gave me some result one after the other, in the second part of the year. Finally during the 2019 I did more songs than ever before, definitely I am so glad I did that.


And now?

Now we are in almost half 2020 and I released less songs compared to last year. That’s because I had the chance to change my job to a one without night shift, those kills me. So I had to get with new habits and to work on me in order learn and be efficient in this new experience which I like and is going well so far.

Yes I still work to pay bills, music doesn’t right now, but this is material for an other post. Still it’s important to know that, because it’s part of my life and part of the daily challenges I face, not just only music.

Anyway I’ve been working on some new tracks since the quarantine and actually I want to release them fast like last year. First publish and then ask question ?, the things is that I found my self in a deeper creative process in where I started to evaluate things that I would have skipped to go faster.


Using Luna

During the covid-19 I had the could reset a few things in my life and one of those is music production. UAD released Luna free for those who have the gear required, which I do. In fact I started working with it immediately and finished the project I was working on, Ni Malo Ni Bueno EP, and released it on May 8th 2020. In short, I changed my workflow thanks to this and in additions the results are remarkable. Just listen. You can already hear clear differences between previous songs and new ones.



If you prefer to compare the a track before and after, just wait until the first Friday of June when I’m going to release a compilation of 17 songs remastered with Luna for the occasion. There are also few songs from Ni Malo Ni Bueno because they are just great. The release date is setup June the 5th 2020 and the title is “Reggaeton Tropical”. Next step, from this date on I set my youtube to publish automatically a song each week on Friday until September. So if you prefer to listen through a streaming service all the tracks at once be my guest, a part from this I’d like to keep you entertained all the summer with bits of emotions in my weekly song publishing via youtube. 

Looking for quality

My constant research for quality brought me it’s fruits and for a while I won’t be looking for more, right now I’m writing on 4 instrumental I composed during the lockdown and I’m pretty impress with how Luna sounds.


How this helps?

Now I hear things I didn’t before and now I’m able to do more critical detailed decisions that change the audio material for the worst or the better. With all this in mind and the reality that last year, because of rush publishing, some lyrics weren’t as good as I know I can do them, I choose to low my speed to find the corrects words with the correct technical skills of rapping. As for singing I’m still learning even though now and them I records some. I’m building next steps.




Now that you have access to my music library it’s time to include you “fans”, person of interest or curious folks about what I do when I do.

For this reason I added below a quick video you can find on #TikTok, #Instagram, #Twitter and other social media about the latest release I did.

Here is POR ESO from my IG account. Thanks for your time, stay safe and contact me to chat a bit.