Ni Malo Ni Bueno

My first release in this year is “Ni Malo Ni Bueno” which means “nor bad or good”. I thinks it’s a curious title because in general people sees it as tasteless or tedious. A person how doesn’t pick is viewed as weak.

I choose this title because of the song “Por Eso” in which I explain why I’m not nor good or bad in a relationship, I’m just balanced and do thing truthfully. Can’t force me do something I’m not comfortable doing. 

Indeed this title applies also in general life. After years trying to figure out how to become always a better person, know I think that a way, to me,  is to fulfil myself. I mean yes doing what I’m comfortable with and going out of the comfort zone are important. Still I believe that there is no reason, to me, to be bad or good if I would’n in the first place. Not that I consider there are reasons to be bad toward someone else. This is just a thought.

For example, I wont treat someone better than other. I treat people well as I’d like to be treated and because I think it’s important in life. An another example is that I wont do some crazy shit just because someone provoked me, it’s not on me (and I wouldn’t in the first place). 


The lyrics

8 tracks out of 9 are in Spanish and 1 in Italian. Some of you don’t know that I rap in both languages. I just choose to do more in Spanish because I feel it more (probably because is my mother tongue). Still I’m better in Italians’ grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation than Spanish because of school.

Anyway there are some tracks that I feel in one language instead of the other. I tried to translate in Spanish “Tutto a posto” (meaning “all good”) but it didn’t sound right. Some times I do song translation like “Pugno a 10”, in this case it was from Italian to Spanish.

In this EP the topics goes from romantic in love songs, to romantic faded love. Then social insight, club dancing track and thoughtful conscious. When I was writing the tracks I did’t plan how it all should go. This time I first produced the beats and then write on them.

It took me more time than last year to release because I rewrote it many times.

Mix and Mastering

The Mix

This is the part that many of you prefer, get know how I worked my songs out. Well, here are first hand insight from productions:

I produced the tracks with Maschine studio, in few of them I used Splice loops rearranged for the purpose or just mixed in the contest. Then I routed the tracks into Logic X in where I recorded. After a few tricks I routed everything to my Allen&Heat Qu32 desk to mix. 

The trick was in particular for voices. I did in this order a gate, deesser, heavy compression and light eq. When I thought it was cool I printed back into logic the vocals before routing everything out.

Once on the Qu32 I used the most commonly tools and technique like pan, compression, eq and effects. Still an other trick, I processed some track with UAD plugins in Logic even if they went directly to the mixer, using both tools like hybrid. This because UAD has really good stuff like the LA-2 or the Fairchild (both compressors). The QU32 provide a consistence and a warmth I love that I can’t find on LogicX. Plus a faster work flow.

The Mastering

Mastering this time was challenging, when I thought it was ready (I mastered the track with logicX), UAD released Luna free for those how have the corresponding devices (I have an Apollo Twin thunderbolt and an accelerator). Clearly I wanted to use my new tool, so I did. I remastered the songs to the version you know today. It took me few time to get into the hook, but when I figured it out I remastered also lots of other songs.

Those other songs, on compilation Reggaeton Tropical, are going to be released on June 8th 2020 on streaming services and one song per week on my youtube



“Ni Malo Ni Bueno” is one of my most interesting music work because of the lyrics, the beats and new quality. Certainly when you listen to Reggaeton Tropical you’ll be blown away if you compare the new and the old ones. The souls of the tracks came out.

Those song are a valid rival to “Ni Malo Ni Bueno” but at the end, in this case, the recordings and mixing makes this last EP win.

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Thanks a lot for reading this.

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