No Olvides

No Olvides si a short EP of 2 tracks. In the EP’s page I explain few things about the lyrics and how I came up with the topic.

Long story short, it’s about my childhood. I summed up the most important  things that happened, how they made me feel and how I got over with.

In the project’s page I explain it detailed.


This is related to the track No Lo Olvides, the other song is Vuela Libre which means “fly freely”.

As I say on the EP’s page, this one came right along because on the first song.

So I decided a new approach for the lyrics of it because other ways it seamed, to me, too much drama. It would have become a complainant EP instead of a heart relieving. 

Listen the single and find out other details the songs

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About the production

Now I’d like to talk about the beat. You will notice that it isn’t a classic HipHop beat, nor Trap nor Reggaeton.

It’s an experimental beat made following the rapping in the chorus.

First I made the piano following the lyrics melody to accompany them and to use the piano during the verses so to have kind of a reminder of the chorus.


Then I built all around the chorus’ lyrics with in mind the arrangament changes and with the goal to make the chorus rapping sound natural, not too fast or slow.

Also I changed the snare position to achieve more anxiety in the beat, with the result of a lean back snare that leaves space for closed high hat plays.



I choose a kick pretty defined, not too much prominent in the low end to play freely with the bass. The kick becomes more active in the chorus with more repetitions.

The song has a flow of sad / reliving alternated chords that helps the drama of the lyrics, giving a back and forth emotion feeling. 



Where to listen

The EP is available on my SoundCloudand youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchase on the online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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