Optica EP

Optica EP is a Latin Rap HipHop EP, with 4 songs. In here you can find some new sonorities and conscious lyrics.

Let’s say that from the EP Sonriendo, in which there was an other mood flowing around, I had an other approach. In this one the ambient is dominated by a more introspective thought.

Talking about it the first song that comes in my mind is Me Voy for the sensitive lyrics about getting the strength to change life and for the instrumental.



In the instrumental I used a guitar simulator plugin. The chords going on the whole song, changing from time to time, where my lead for the others sounds.

Basically I build the beat around the guitars.

The other tracks where something standard to me: I made the instrumentals each with it’s own moods. On that mood I wrote on each beat it’s lyrics.


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I recorded them as usual, with my Audio-technica AT4047/SV microphone trying to give the correct interpretation of what I originally intended. This because it maybe takes some days before I record. Sometime even one week after I wrote.

For two reasons, first to learn the lyrics and second to refresh the ears and see how the songs feels once again I work on it. The time it takes depends on how much I’m I to the track. Usually when the song gets too old I lose interest, so if I enjoy it again I will surely end the track because I liked it even after a few days of detach.



If I’m not sure about it I will work again on the beat and on the lyrics before recording. It’s rare that I delete a project nowadays. I prefer to improve them until I like them. if a track is blocking my producing rhythm I’ll postpone the work on that until this session is done.

For session I intend the releases I’m getting ready to publish. It could be a group of singles I will set on different release date, or just an EP. Extremely rare, to me, to prepare more than 2 EP because I prefer to release whenever I get it ready.

For example the EP Mi Camino and OPTICA I got them ready together because they both are conscious but in different styles. This helped me to change sound whenever I needed to refresh my ears.


Where to listen

Optica EP is not available on my SoundCloudbecause of the limit of space it has, I prefer to spare some for something alse I  started at the time. You can find this EP on my youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchasing on online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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