Otro Intento

Otro Intento means “a new try”. This is one of the latest release of 2019. Indeed this project in particular, set a whole detach  between previous song and new ones.

It has a general quality enhancement about composing, recording, mix and master.

The reasons are the various studies I did on channel processing, an in deep study of music theory. For sure all that led to improvements in mixing and mastering.



In particular I must tell about recording my vocals. Until this EP I wasn’t used to process the signal before recording into the DAW, this changed for this EP because I needed an improvement.

So I did a small investment and bought a voice processor. Coll thing is that it has dynamics modules on it.


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So I processed the vocal with a gate, a deesser, a light compressor and EQ to clean up the voice being recorded. From this moment I had less struggle mixing the voice, thanks to this upfront cleaning it’s easier place the voice on the spectrum.



An other big difference from the previous track it’s about composing. Studying it I learnt lot of knowledge, couple of which are:

1) chords progression are fundamental to make you composition move through feelings;

2) compose thinking a head, build up the momentum.

About mixing and mastering improvement, I practise with the plugins emulator tools I have, such as Fairchild compresso and LA-2A, EMT 250 reverb, Ampex, Studer and others.

I came to the conclusion that lesser is better.


Where to listen

Otro Intento is available on my SoundCloudand youtube channel (below) for free streaming (audio only). It’s also on for streaming and purchasing on online music stores. Other details on the album’s page below.

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