Out Line and Remastered

Out Line is different from the others releases because is the first I used my QU32 mixer desk on.

Better says on the remastered tracks.

About the composition and the lyrics I would say it was the beginning of a lonely path toward self awareness.

Once again the HipHop and Rap track lyrics are sad and about unhappiness.

An eye of regard goes to Vedova Nera (Black Widow) which is a song about, yes, a relationship with a black widow metaphorically.

In this occasion I wrote about this sensitive topic but from the point of view that was reliving finally ending it.

Closing the relationship but for the worst. Like letting all the demons out.



An other interesting track is Pugno a 10, which is set in a second date and in additions, is the part where you realise things could go well or not but, independently from what could happen, you are glad to be there.

The beat and the lyrics are something special right from my heart to yours.

So I decided to translate it to Spanish when I remastered it. The message from this track felt too important and I had look because it almost translated in mimes it self. 

The title of the EP came after seeing the lyrics of the tracks going completely opposite side. 2 super sad, one super love, the other super party and the experimental super “experimental”.

In each style the song went out of  the border of normal consideration.

Listen the track and find out other details about Out Line EP 

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The productions

First Release

The first time I release the EP I did what I knew, little of promotion and couple of post on social media. Also the Official Audio videos on youtube. 

But now I’ll tell why I did remastered 2 times and what I did learn.

I used to mix in the box for every song. Learning about audio engineering I found out a new possibility.

Nor in the box, neither out but irbid.

Remastered 1

There are A/D & D/A audio systems that can do the work.

I choose a Allen&Heat digital mixer which connected with my DAW gave me the ability to mix both from the DAW (using plugins) and from the mixer using the desk.

As many of you know mixing is an art, an ability to improve with study and application. 

So this project was the first intent. I mixed the song from the mixer and then mastered them in the box.



Remastered 2

After a while the project was published I compared the song from the first release with the second release.

On my taste only Vedova Nera did not benefit from remastering.

I learnt that recording from the master out of the mixer has a different sound than exporting from the DAW, both with their own qualities.

Once learnt that, was the time try again.



Where to listen

You can find it on online music stores for streaming or to buy. Also on youtube with dedicated playlist.

On my SoundCoud you will find little of this project.

At date of this post there still Pugno a 10 and Pugno a 10 Remastered in Spanish to listen the differences.

Thanks for reading this article, if you enjoyed share on your social media. 


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