Passato Passato Album

Passato Passato Album was released in 2016, WOW. Quiet some time passed. I rebuilt the studio and improved my knowledge in audio processing craft, music composition skills (I will talk about those topics in dedicated posts). When I listen the album I see I have grown up also in others aspects.

From my point of view, knowing what led me to write those songs, I see why I made them, still many thoughts I don’t have anymore and there are expression I wouldn’t use today. I

see that I explain myself differently and also I have an other approach to life, it’s clear that I wouldn’t be the person and artist I am today if things were different.

 It’s a process you can distinguish listening the oldest and newest songs or if you listen my releases in chronological order in the Music Galley.

Many artists write about their life and experiences, so did I in Passato Passato Album trying not to hurt anybody.

Just explaining my experiences and what I thought about them. My lyrics were in Italian and Spanish for HipHop tracks, Reggaeton and House HipHop (my first intend in EDM of).

The release is a set of tracks written between  2013 and 2016 where I had a paused from release and creating to live other experiences and setup the new studio.

Listen the track and find out other details about Passato Passato Album 2016

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The productions

Ang. Productions

Is not in the 2013 I started making music. It’s a long journey started in the 2001 when I recorded the first track with my brother.

In those years we had the “Ghost’s Room” studio because it was in my brother (McGhost), then in 2009 I upgraded the home studio and opened the Label Ang. Productions with which I did the first official release ever.

Snamed Records

The song made prior of Ang.Pro.  are not available online but I still have CDs of them.

The first release I made is Personalmente in the 2012, click here to listen.

On Ang.Pro. I helped a lot of other friends artist, so most of the released material are collaboration until 2013 when I changed my artist name from Balck Angel to Snamed and therefore from Ang.Producions to Snamed Records.


Black Angel – Snamed

Still as an a.k.a. friends call me Black, and in some track I refer to my self with it.

Also in some tracks of the album above you will listen me saying Ang.Pro. some where.

I decide to change my artist name because when I faced the online music word, when I stepped out the border of my local view, I felt like my name was taken away.

So I researched for something entirely mine but this is material for an other post.

Where to listen

Although it’s an important brick on my music career, I do prefer to promote my latest projects. So you won’t find any traces of this on my SoundCloud, still there is a video clip in my youtube channel of the song “Metti a fuoco” (below), the lyrics of “Bomm” and the instrumentals of “Bomm” and “Al Centro”. Other details on the album’s page.

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