Reggaeton Tropical

Let’s start simple, Reggaeton Tropical is my compilation re-mastered music work about previous songs released I did. More about this release here.

Now, my goal with it is to be your soundtrack for this summer 2020. The way I’m doing it is to release each Friday a song. The first song was released June the 5th and the last is set on September the 25th.

In addition, I’m posting a related pic each Tuesday about vacations I have done and some thought.

This year 2020 is more difficult for lot of people, I’m here to remind to enjoy and see the beauty nearby. 


Is a particular time, we all know that Covid-19 is a global issue affecting everybody’s life. For entertainment and music in particular we now see a drop of big live concert and small gigs. Everything is delayed to future date, but still people are willing to enjoy and do things like before the virus. 

The measures due to health concern are restricted indeed, therefore creating discomfort on many because it’s a stress full situation in where you are not allow to do natural things or enjoyable ones. For instance don’t do hand shakes or don’t gather at a concert.

Usually at this point of the year summer is blowing up your door and you are ready to go somewhere with friends or family. But I wont bother thinking about what could have been, I’m more interested in what it is and how it can became better (even if just a little).

So this summer I’m sharing a song part of Reggaeton Tropical compilation each Friday. I try also to spur people to enjoy and have fun, just forget it for a moment and make it happen. 


The Mix

In particular I made those tracks with Logic X in where I recorded, I produced with Maschine Studio Native Instruments and mixed everything with my Allen&Heat Qu32 desk.

For each song I had almost the similar approach:
– define the vocals (eq, clean and fix);
– bring in drums and bass to set the skeleton of the the tracks;
– set the eq and volume of the rest around the vocals;
– then eq drums and bass to make room and fix what’s sound unpolished.

The Mastering

I decided to remaster the tracks because I listened the differences of quality working on Luna (free for those how have UAD). Therefore I took all the mixed track and worked on them (detailed post soon).

I love the quality, but the feature that made it more memorable to me was the export feature. I could have a song on each track, soloed the one I was working on. When I was done I just selected the exporting feature track by track (after un mute and unsolo). In this way I spare lot of minutes usually just setting the bouncing song.



I was looking forward to remastering those songs for few weeks when I started Reggaeton Tropical. I didn’t knew for which release.

Then I found a common point, which is that all those song are good for summer experiences. There it was Reggaeton Tropical and after that all came together step by step.

This is me below in a post on IG.

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