Sonriendo means Smiling

Sonriendo means smiling in Spanish, you wonder what so important about that, that made me do an EP.

It’s simple, like a smile. Depending on your personal experience you would associate the smile toward something good or something that isn’t.

I mean a happy smile for something good that happened or somebody making fun of you are 2 different things.

Now about me, as a person, I know that I like enjoy life and be cheerful, almost always positive. But the other people doesn’t know me.


For this reason strangers are suspicious about my smile in despite of me being just my self.

In the songs I tell all  about this  while explaining how the envy and gossip, that comes along, will affect your life.

This is something out of our control, but sometimes depend on us just in the part of how much do we let others get into our life.

My trust toward other still the same as always as my will to live and enjoy life. I won’t let those behaviours affect my mind nor my life just because someone is afraid of my happiness.


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The productions

Mixing out the box

Mixing Sonriendo was a hard job I did with a big smile on my face!

I could practice with some previous released music, so for me mixing it was proving what I learnt from practicing and studying.

Basically I produced the beats on my Native Instruments Maschine studio, rooted the outputs into my DAW from where I send channels to the mixer. 

Still using plugins on the computer and using the Allen&Heat faders ad master out.


Youtube Videos

This time for the Youtube videos,  I decide to make them from royalties free video snippets of shutterstock. It was cheaper than today’s price.

I choose the clips that were relevant for the songs and that had multiple scenes, in addition I edited to make the videos to tell  a story and follow the lyrics a bit.


The Cover

Sonriendo means Smiling and yet I’m hiding my smile in the cover.

The fun fact is that at first the designed pic was one in where you could see a full smile bigger than my face.

More about this on the  song’s page.

Where to listen

Well well well, now we’re talking. This powerful reggaeton EP in available on my SoundCloud, video of 2 songs on my youtube channel (see below) available for streaming and purchase on online music stores. Other details on the album’s page.

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Sonriendo means Smiling