Welcome to the blog

New website and new blog.

Hi there, I am a DIY artist. I do HipHop, Rap but mostly in the last year I did Reggaeton. Today I present you my new website with lot of interesting information and content.

You probably know how blogs works so I will skip that, instead I will anticipate you about what kind of content you are going to find in here.

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Hard work and persistence made this web site happen

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What  will you find on the blog and the website

Right now I still building the website to integrate the Projects detailed pages to all the releases I made. It’s going to take some time but this is the kind of thing you are going to find on the website. Already have done Passato Passato album and Brujeria single.

The blog will mostly be related to my song or collaborations. I’ll post about the projects already released and those in the making.

Welcome to the blog just the first brick.

A great thing also is that I’ll post about the production aspect of a track from the point of view of the composer, producer and artist getting further to the mixing and mastering.

You could find tips and trick helpful for your music needs, as well as suggestions that could improve your audio quality. 

The blog is connected with social media accounts so you will be updated with new posts from your personal window in the digital word, just follow.

Improve your craft, the chances comes when you are ready