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Below there is displayed the gallery of the songs shared on the Youtube channel Snamed Records. Is now possible to listen to all the tracks directly from here. Thank you for reading this. 



Youtube Music Gallery

Snamed’s youtube music gallery below shows the songs and videos directly from the Youtube Gallery Channel, the style of the songs are HipHop and Reggaeton mostly but there are others like EDM or indi. Find out more about the productions in the link.

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing services available, therefor the main tracks are uploaded on it.

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Snamed “Metti a fuoco” shouting

Video Clip or Original Audio

Sure thing is that a nice professional video clip would be the perfect solution but not always is applicable nor affordable. If you have the chance to produce one yourself or to have a good friend to produce it for you, this would be the best for your music as long as the video quality in all its part is super good. Also you could have a lyrics video.

Video Lyrics are a good way to start when you don’t produce a video clip but still want to share your music in a fashionable way. In this case you need a dedicated resources and abilities. Still video clips or video lyrics request a whole amount of time if you are a DIY. So Original Audio clips are the solution to share the cover art and the song. Probably you already have the skills needed, so you can gain some time if you prepare the image do fuse with the original audio to be published. 

Porque no quires que te quemen, porque sabes cuanto duele cuando tienen lo que quieren y se van … diridandandan.

 Malvada  by Snamed

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